TonerPave is made by adding MTP (Modified Toner Polymer) to standard asphalt. Every 1 tonne of MTP used replaces 600 kilograms of bitumen and 400 kilograms of fines (very fine dust). Carbon modelling has been done by ERM and Energetix [1] and the outcome shows that for every 1 tonne of MTP used, 0.27t CO2 greenhouse gases are saved from entering the atmosphere.

TonerPave is part of a range of asphalt products promoted by Downer as its ‘Low CO2 Asphalt’ range. These products reduce emissions by an average of 23% [2] compared to typical VicRoads baseline products. The average difference amounts to 14 kilograms of CO2 saved per tonne of asphalt.

[1] Appendix A. Benefit analysis TonerPave8626_0559 (800x533)

[2] Appendix C. Summary of results